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Morrissey was born on may 22nd 1959. Living was a problem for him. He had to face old mancunian schools, parental violence, and his "criminal shyness". His only friends, as a young child, were myths: James Dean, Oscar Wilde, the New York Dolls, female pop stars of the 60's, etc.

The system was too strict for him, only his imagination could save him from autodestrucion... And it did. During the Punk period, "Morrissey" was not a totally unknown name for many people: Steven was a regular correspondant of the musical newspapers. After that, he decided to create the pop band that could lead him to international recognition. After some disappointments (Angels are Genderless, The Nosebleeds), he met Johnny Maher, alias Johnny Marr, 18 y.o. guitar player.

The Smiths were born. And Uk discovered the fantastic Steven Patrick Morrissey. The harmony is perfect between the four members of this "classical" pop band. Between 1982 and 1987, four albums were released, four masterpieces. Tuneful songs, wonderful lyrics, everything's perfect. But these are only words: if you don't know them, listen to any of their albums, and you'll understand...

Without Marr, the Smiths were nothing. Without Morrissey, the Smiths were nothing. The most controversial english singer was a extraordinary songwriter: his voice is wonderful, his lyrics are extraordinary, oscillating between despair, wild humour and fierce criticism. But their artistic association was short: the Smiths splitted in 1987, under a huge media-pressure. Marr became a luxurious studio guitar player (working with Brian Ferry, for exemple), while Morrissey decide to hold on, solo. His solo career hasn't the mark of the godlike genius, but was simply excelent. Some very perfect albums, like his first one (Viva Hate), or Vauxhall and I, some good one (Your Arsenal, Kill Uncle...). But Morrissey was the most attacked singer of the 90's: the english newspapers couldn't stand having destroyed their most beautiful toy. Bigmouth still strike... Some new albums are to come, and I can hope that they'll be better than the very medium Southpaw Grammar, and better than Maladjusted, his last one...

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