Discography of The Cure

Three Imaginary Boys (1979)
Boys Don't Cry (1979 usa only)
Seventeen Seconds (1980)
Faith (1981)
Pornography (1982)
Japanese Whispers (1983)
The Top (1984)
Concert (1984 live)
The Head On The Door (1985)
Standing On A Beach / Staring At The Sea (1986 singles)
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987)
Disintegration (1989)
Entreat (1989 live)
Mixed Up (1990 remixes)
Wish (1992)
Show (1993 live)
Paris (1993 live)
Wild Mood Swings (1996)
Galore (1998)

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The Twilight Garden (formerly known as the 96 Cure FAQ)
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Chain of Flowers page. (Much information on the Swing Tour)

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